Yosemite Hiking


The Yosemite trails span over 800 miles of scenic trails. You will come across some of the most beautiful places in America, from wonderful mountains to pranging rivers. Yosemite offers world class backcountry hiking whether you’re looking for an easy stroll around the lake or an extreme hike with elevation gains and strenuous climbs. Few places in America make you feel more in nature than a trip to Yosemite. They have massive redwood trees and a huge variety of wildlife to view. Yosemite offers a perfect combination of all outdoor experiences.

Yosemite has five regions, and they are:

Yosemite Valley:
Yosemite Valley is the place to be, with the majority of the staggering views across Yosemite, the valley itself is only seven miles long, but beats the rest of the regions in terms of magnificent scenery. Yosemite Valley is the most popular destination.

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Tioga Pass Road:
Tioga Pass has a pinch of everything, from lakes and meadows to peaks and hikes. Accommodation only lasts through the summer months, so unless you are extraordinarily brave you will not be able to go any other time.

Southern Yosemite:
Southern Yosemite has some of the best trees in the United States, with over 300 giant Sequoias. The momentous Wawona hotel boasts over 100 rooms, and is one of the most popular places to stay in Southern Yosemite.

Glacier Point Road:
Glacier Point Road has the tallest peaks around. They go all the way up to an astounding 7800 feet, ranging through 16 miles of sunning landscape.

Hetch Hetchy & Big Oak Flat:
Hetch Hetchy & Big Oak Flat has come under some serious renovation works in the past 10 years, making it one of the least visited regions in the Yosemite region, however, because of this you will find some of the most relaxing destinations around.

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