Which Outdoor Games for Kids Are Best?


If you are looking for outdoor games for kids and you can’t remember any of the games that you played as kids, then you are not alone. Keep in mind that many of the kids these days spend so much time playing video games and on their computer that they don’t know either. So if you are planning a party, a camping trip, or just a jaunt to the local park, sometimes it is good to have a few extra outdoor games for kids up your sleeve.

There are several different types of outdoor games for kids and the ones you choose will likely depend on the age of the children, how competitive you want them to be, and how many of them there are. Some games are completely non-competitive, and if you are trying to keep things quiet and peaceful, then that is usually the best way to play.

On the other hand, seemingly simple games such as a game of bean bag toss can be very competitive if you don’t watch out, so sometimes it is just the way that you run the game that makes the difference. When scoring is involved, people will get competitive – even little kids – and there are some instances when that won’t work to your advantage, so be careful.

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Cooperative outdoor games for kids, or games that involve the help of everyone, are a lot of fun and enable kids to learn and grow while they are active. You can find a wide variety of these online, each of which are aimed at a particular age group or size of party.

If you have balloons, a beach ball, a Frisbee, or even a soccer ball, you really do have all you need to create games. Games don’t have to be terribly athletic. They can often involve awkward challenges, such as balancing a balloon on your head or your nose. These types of games are fun for everyone because there is an almost equal chance for everyone to win. The most athletic of the kids are not guaranteed a win, which can do a lot to keep the peace in any group.

As with all outdoor games for kids, it doesn’t need to be said that safety always comes first. When you have a large group of kids, it is good to separate them into smaller groups so that you have less of a chance of someone getting hurt or the game getting out of control. Even when you are working with something like a water balloon, there are still ways that children can turn the game around to become vicious or demeaning to some of the kids.

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Also, one of the best things you can do prior to starting any outdoor games for kids is to ensure that everyone is perfectly aware of all the rules, that everyone is given a fair chance to play and compete (if necessary), and that all players are rewarded in the end just for taking part in the fun.