If you’re a fly fishing beginner, you are most likely interested in learning the correct techniques and finding the easiest way to get started. Fly fishing is a very old sport. From some things that I have read many Archaeologists and Historians believe that the sport of fly fishing dates back as far as the 2nd century. Some say that modern fly fishing, as we know it today, originated in Scotland and Northern England where the rivers are rocky and fast. Whatever the case may be the sport of fly fishing is becoming more and more popular now then ever before especially among the baby boomers.

The Fly Fishing Basics

I think everyone knows that when you fly fish you are using lures known as flies. These flies are made from fur, foam and even feathers that are colored so that they appear to look like the real bugs. For the beginner, premade flies are relatively cheap to purchase and the quickest way to get started. However if you are interested in the art of tying your own flies there are numerous kits available. There are fly tying kits for the beginner that will guide you step by step through the complete tying process. You will be creating your own works of art. The second thing that the fly fishing beginner needs to have is the right fly rod. Fly fishing rods are longer than spin/bait casting fishing rods. This is due largely to the fact that the casting technique is different for fly fishing.

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If you are a fly fishing beginner, it is a good idea to become familiar and practice some of the basic casting techniques used before going out on your very first fishing expedition. You could learn these techniques by reading a beginners guide to fly fishing or by finding a local fly shop that is offering casting classes. By taking classes or just by practicing you can learn the correct techniques to cast the fly line properly. One of the things you have to remember as a beginner is that when fly fishing you will be casting the line instead of the lure.

You may also consider hiring a fishing guide for your first time out. Some guides might even have equipment that they will let you use for an additional fee. There are some great advantages to this I know because I hired a guide on my first time out.They provide invaluable advice and help perfect your fishing tactics and casting techniques. Also having a guide that knows the area in which you will be fishing is great because they will know the very best fishing spots.

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