The Most Important Elk Hunting Tip

If you’re a current elk hunter or a hunter who is thinking of trying to hunt elk there are a few important things that you need to know. Obviously the basics such as elk hunting regulations, conditioning and proper equipment are things all hunters touch base on. However, there is one important elk hunting tip that many hunters fail to remember. This is one of the core reasons why hunters aren’t successful on their elk hunts. In fact, most states are showing that only 15-37% of the drawn tags or permits in 2009 for elk are actually harvested. This means on average only 20% of the actual people out their hunting elk will successful harvested on. By using this important tip you’ll be able to make yourself one of the twenty percent and hopefully help educate other elk hunters.

At this point you’re probably wondering “Ok, get on with the tip already!” Well, without further ado; the most important elk hunting tip is don’t be quiet, be elk quiet. Wait, you’re probably thinking what the heck does that mean? Well a lot of hunters tend to believe that they need to be silent when hunting for elk. While it’s true that talking should be eliminated and cell phones turned off you don’t need to worry about simple things. For example, if you’ve ever heard an elk herd moving about you’ll notice they sound like a truck driving through timber. They are big animals and can cover a lot of land in a short period of time.

The area where you need to use the most caution is a bedding area. Elk tend to be more alert in their bedding area and you’ll need to take it slow and easy once you’re near or around an elk bedding area. In fact, you don’t just do this to harvest that trophy elk, but also for your safety. The dominate bull of a herd can and will engage a hunter if they feel threatened. 9 times out of 10 elk will run off if they hear or see you. However, there are those rare moments when the dominate bull will challenge you.

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Let’s get back on track with “being as quite as an elk”. Remember, the area where you’ll find elk is generally not easy to access and impossible to get through. Don’t let noise prevent you from reaching these areas because that is where the elk are. Your best bet is to not move fast, but at a steadily rate because elk can cover a lot of ground real fast. Don’t spend so much time worrying about being quiet as you should getting to where the elk actually are!

If you would like to read more tips on elk hunting you should come and view the website. It was designed as an educational resource to help educate hunters on everything and anything related to hunting elk.

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