The Angler And His Fishing Vest

As the years go by it is safe to say that anglers, whether they specialize in fly fishing, in spinning, trawling or whatever, will end up with an enormous amount of gear and gadgets of all sorts. Some of these are stored safely in larger tackle boxes, but a lot of it needs to be carried, and brought out, while actually fishing. This is where the fisherman’s vest comes into its own. It is, par none, the best way of carrying your accessories with you.

It is one of the most personal items a fisherman owns and as usually happens with personal items, if you ask ten or twenty fishermen for their suggestions on the best vest design, you will get ten or twenty different answers.

Having said that however, a fishing vest has one principle requirement and that is simply to carry everything you will need while fishing. This will include a huge array of different items (or stuff for the non fisherman). This really means that a fishing vest has to have a great number of pockets, of different sizes and easily accessible but with the proviso that nothing falls out of its own accord. Where is my tackle box? is not something you want to say while in the middle of a stream changing a fly.

Fishing vest will vary in the number of pockets they have and this variation can go from ten to twenty-five different pockets, distributed mainly in the front.

There can be many designs, but there really are two different styles (not necessarily designs).

One is the short vest which reaches somewhere above the waist – some fishermen use larger sizes that make the short vest reach below the waist, but that is just personal choice. This type of vest is used for wading, so it doesn’t flap in the water if you wade in deeper. There is nothing worse than suddenly looking down only to find half your lower pockets are happily sloshing about in water.

The other is the full vest that differs in its length, reaching below the waist.

A fishing vest is most definitely a personal item and so the design and style reflects the particular type of fishing an angler practices, as well as his or her likes and dislikes. In time, and with constant use, the way you distribute all your fishing items will become automatic and ordered. You will always find a particular item in the same pocket. Therefore if you buy a new one, with a different pocket distribution (or amount of pockets), you will typically be fumbling around, at least in the beginning. Making it personal is part of the process of using it – the more the better, for many obvious reasons (the main one being that you are fishing more often).

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