Pan Fish Fishing – Summertime Crappies!


Summer is a time when pan fish fishing for crappies is next to impossible for most fisherman. The key is to know where they are and most anglers do not know until now.

The deep weed line is where the crappie will be close to. To find them troll along the deep weed edge watching your depth finder for suspended fish. When you see suspended fish you can bet they are crappies. Retrieve slowly with know fancy retrieves either. Keep it slow and simple for these fish. Crappies that are active will be at the edge of the weed line in schools. The weed line is is the focus of activity they will be close to it and are always near it.

When you make contact with them you will catch them from late spring to early fall. Bunches of crappies suspend near sharp drop offs and or weed edges. Active crappies move shallower to to feed this is where they come in contact with the weed line. Once they are their it is a point of know return they are their to feed roaming the weed edge for food.

One of the first place crappies get active is on the shaded side of the lake, so start their. You can also get a early start on the night bite. Experiment with different depths unless you have a depth finder then you will see the depth they are at which saves you a lot of time.Now are you ready for summer to get out now that you know the location to go pan fish fishing for crappies in the summer. You know something now that most have no idea about good fishing.

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Now that you have knowledge on location for Pan fish Fishing if you want to learn more feel free to visit my website for more information on Pan fish fishing for crappies.

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