Pond fishing offers a unique experience compared to lake fishing and reservoir fishing.

Ponds are shallow, small bodies of water that are quite different from lakes. Ponds have still water that maybe feed by a single stream and because of this, ponds do not experience much current. The fish found in ponds will move regularly in search of food. Since ponds are shallow bodies of water, the water temperature is more consistent across the entire water body as a lake will experience great temperature differences across the surface and depth. Ponds offer a great foundation for vegetation growth within the water body and surrounding the pond. The shallow water allows for direct sunlight to penetrate to the pond the floor supporting vegetation growth. Many ponds have a lot of brush and other plant growth surrounding the pond which allows for cover for local wildlife and aquatic wildlife. Typically, a pond will have a thin film across the surface which supports a variety of aquatic insects.

Fishing within a pond provides a different challenge as fewer variables have an effect on fish behavior but the basic characteristics of the pond adds complexity. Utilizing a long casting or deep running lure may not be ideal as the pond may not be very large or deep enough to effectively utilize those types of lures. Plant growth around the pond and along the pond floor will also be an obstacle when searching for fish locations. Since the pond is a shallow body of water, watching for activity is paramount when trying to evaluate fish location. Climate conditions such as atmospheric pressure changes would also have a greater effect on fish depth and activity level but due to how shallow a pond is, one type of fish finder rig could suffice in finding the right depth.

A great fishing rig to use in a pond is a bottom water fish finder that allows you to float your hook at any depth. This fishing rig has a 6 to 8 inch leader on it so that it will float above any vegetation that may be along the pond floor. Giving it more slack will allow the line to float to higher levels within the shallow water column that would also attract fish that are near the surface. This fishing rig truly gives flexibility to find fish across all levels of the water column.

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If you chose to use a top water fish finder, you may potentially sink your hook beneath the top edge of the weeds missing any fish in the area. So if you are not sure how deep the pond is, explore a bottom water fish finder to bring home dinner.

Types of bait to consider are floating jigheads or PowerBait floating type bait. If you chose to lure, consider a water bobber rig with a fly at the terminal end. Matching the most current hatch will prove beneficial to trigger a strike. Also consider a weedless fishing rig such as the Carolina rig or the Texas rig to trigger a bass strike.

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