Boat Tubes: Towable Ski Tubes and Inflatable’s

Grab a single-rider tube (deck tube, kneeling chariot-style tube or cockpit tube), a ski rope and handles, and an air pump and head on out to the water. Boat tubes, constructed in high-quality materials, come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some of the towable tubes are shaped round, square, or with side-flaps or wing spans.

There are several different types of boat tube products available – the most common consist of:

• Single Ride Ski Tube

Single ride ski tubes are lightweight, highly maneuverable (compared to the multi-person tubes), and accepts the single rider – either adult or child. A high performance single person tube is best suited to those wishing to attempt tricks or jumps at high speed. Also, the ideal choice for the PWC operator in view of its small size and weight.

• Multi Ride Ski Tube

Multi ride ski tubes are naturally larger – accepting 2 to 6 passengers, slower – due to its higher load limit, and heavier than those configured for single-person operation. A multi-rider tube offers a solid, smoother ride, although the tubes aren’t as well-tuned for tricks or jumps. Built for multiple ride positions, such as the option to lay down, sit, stand-up, or kneel.

• Junior Ski Tube

Junior ski tubes are introduced into the marketplace to offer a safer option for the younger riders – a lot of the adult-sized tubes are too big in relation to the seats and getting a good grip on the side handles. Also, a child doesn’t need to be towed at the same speed as an adult due to the much lower weight limit.

If taking part in water sports activities, the more prepared the better. Be certain to purchase a high-strength tow rope, at the suggested tensile strength rating, for a particular make or model of inflatable. A single or two-person float tube needs a 2K or 2-rider tube rope, a three person inflatable needs a 3K or 4K rope, a four-person tube needs a 4K rope, and so on.

SportStuff, Connelly, Airhead, and AuqaGlide manufacture a series of water toys, such as the water slides, water cabanas, air chairs, water trampolines, banana boats, and water floats

For ease in inflating a float, a high quality air pump is a desirable piece of kit. Air pumps operate via a standard 110-volt wall socket, rechargeable batteries, a cigarette lighter, or as a manual hand pump. Also, a lot of the pumps help to deflate to boat tube for ease in storing after use.

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